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Muhlbradt Photography

Welcome to Muhlbradt Photography, your key to capturing life's magic moments. Bozeman Photographer, Bruce Muhlbradt, creates images that reveal you at your absolute best, be it while sharing a silent glance with a loved one, fishing in hidden waters, or creating a lasting portrait or silly moment.  Bruce knows that enjoying this experience in front of the camera is key to creating successful photographic memories behind the camera. Bruce has been unlocking his artistic talent for years and founded Muhlbradt Photography in 2012.  Specializing in wedding, family and portrait photography.

Capturing Life's Magic Moments

Bozeman photographer, Bruce Muhlbradt, knows where to find magic.  "It comes from the beauty in people's hearts and the passion of their dreams."  Bruce connects with this magic and smiles soon open to endless possibilities.  Images created by Muhlbradt Photography have a natural authenticity that is rooted from the heart.   It is magical and Bruce and his team are there to help create and make permanent these moments.  A connection that is forever portrayed in the final product.  A lifetime of enjoyment captured in archival print, album, or wall hanging.   A piece of art.  

Muhlbradt Photography Services

Choose the right photographer.  Create the best event.  Make it permanent.  This is not simple. Life is not perfect, blemishes abound.  There are many options when deciding on a photographer and their services.  Bozeman photographer, Bruce Muhlbradt, understands these challenges and offers an array of personal photography services that produce quality results from years of developed skills and experience.  Offered are many wedding collections to ensure your special event is memorialized just the way you dreamed it would be.  Muhlbradt Photography services also include portrait and event photography.  Ensure your celebration, fundraiser or special occasions are documented how they should be. Lasting memories are created and made permanent in various collections offered. Whether it be a family portrait, business portrait or high school senior portrait, Muhlbradt Photography  creates and makes permanent your efforts, your treasures, your dreams.  

Muhlbradt Photography Team

The relationship developed between a Muhlbradt Photography Team and the client is a critical aspect of a successful photo experience. Professionalism is part of this core value to Bruce Muhlbradt and he and his team of professional Bozeman photographers work together for you to capture those romantic, spontaneous and serious moments.   Lasting memories are thus created with the utmost care and detail.  Muhlbradt Photography assistants are sentimental themselves and love what they do!  Bruce Muhlbradt and his team have a knack for connecting with clients which allows those being photographed to relax.  This then opens windows for all to reveal their true selves to the camera, be it with a smile or maybe a little twinkle in one's eye!  Professionalism and fun actually do go hand-in-hand with Muhlbradt Photography!  

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